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Constantly pursuing harmony between Nature, Health and Technology, the Terme di Montegrimano in collaboration with Erba Vita have developed aqthermal®. Created to fully observe the important life choice of using highly efficacious and safe health and beauty products, this new range of spa cosmetics has a totally natural overtone. The aqthermal® range offers a wide variety of superior beauty products based on highly compatible and totally biodegradable ingredients that are contained in the Bioecocosmesi (Bio-ecological cosmetic) listing: such products can therefore safely be defined as bio-ecological cosmetics of 100% natural origin. aqthermal® offers genuine and unequaled benefits as it optimizes the action of each single active principle due to it’s highly affinitive nature to the skin’s components in order to provide visible results immediately and above all over time. 

*Contains NO parabens, colorants, phthalates or artificial fragrances *

* Ingredients are natural, organic and NON-GMO *



Aqthermal - Natural Cosmetics Face Info Sheets:

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    Health Chronicles:

    AqThermal - Healthy Beautiful Skin
    AqThermal - Cellulite Regimen


    Keep all products away from direct heat and light.

    * All AqThermal products can be used up to one year once opened.

    *To receive more information on specific body and skin care tips and regimens, please email for further information and details at

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