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Jardins La Val’Heureuse – Organic Phytotherapy

Organic Lip Balms

*Certified organic by Ecocert Canada





Our lip balms are made from certified organic oils of

premium quality. In addition to the oils for maximum

hydration, we have added shea butter and ingredients

carefully chosen for each of our lip balms in order to

increase their therapeutic value. Among these ingredients,

we use plant extracts, macerated flower oils, essential oils,

vitamin E, etc... Our lip balms are distinguished by their

penetrating and lasting moisturizing effect and by their

great and delicate taste. Try them, you will feel the



Mint Chamomile en_J-BAMC.pdf

Shea butter is known for his moisturizing, healing and

emollient effects. The calendula oil and vitamin E are very

effective for chapped lips. The essential oils contained in

this formula are healing, soothing and have a refreshing

good taste.             


Cold Sore en_J-BAHE.pdf

In addition to be moisturizing, healing and emollient for the

lips, this balm contains plant extracts, essential oils and a

homeopathic remedy effective in relieving "cold sores". It

can be used in the prevention or curative way when the

cold sore starts to appear. 

Moka en_J-BAMO.pdf

Orange-Calendula en_J-BAOC.pdf





Jardins La Val’Heureuse – Organic Herbal Teas


At Jardins La Val’heureuse, we have selected and
handpicked the flowers, the whole organic plants, the
spices and fruit that are the most savoury and combined
them by uniting beauty, freshness and originality for your
pleasure and in order to offer you herbal teas with exotic
aromas that will transport you to a world of discovery. For a
delicious and visual experience out of the ordinary, savour
our herbal teas or simply offer them as a gift. 

Double Mint Organic Herbal Tea en_J-TDME.pdf    

An explosion of freshness! This delicious herbal tea

may be sipped hot or cold. It will facilitate digestion

after a copious or gargantuan meal.                  


Flowers Organic Herbal Tea en_J-TFLE.pdf

This herbal tea with colourful flowers is before all a

fiesta for the eyes. Steep it in a Bodum or clear tea

pot and enjoy its beauty. It is delicious after a meal or

in order to relax at the end of the day.  


Leafy Organic Herbal Tea en_J-TFEU.pdf

This refreshing tea made of invigorating leaves with a

savoury taste of anise and mint will evoke the

freshness of the shade-tree on a hot sunny day. This

herbal tea is digestive and delicious whether served

hot or cold.

Linden-Mint en_J-TTIL.pdf

What a delectable marriage of calming linden flowers

and the freshness of mint. This herbal tea has

digestive properties and can be enjoyed hot or cold.


Rose-Linden Organic Herbal Tea en_J-TROS.pdf

This colourful herbal tea with its roses and poppies 

will appease you. These sedative and emollient plants

will bring well deserved relaxation. 

Zen Meadow Organic Herbal Tea en_J-TPRE.pdf

This savoury herbal tea will transport you to a flowery

meadow that ondulates under the winds caress.

Taste, relax and be Zen!


Zest of Love Organic Herbal Tea en_J-TZES.pdf

This herbal tea with rose, hibiscus and red clover

flowers evokes love and passion. Add a little spice

and happiness to your day! 


Apple & Oat Organic Herbal Tea en_J-TPOA.pdf

This herbal tea has comforting taste and smell of hot

apple pie with cinnamon. It is a perfect

accompaniment to your breakfast, desserts and your

autumn afternoons. 


Aroma Mist Organic Herbal Tea en_J-TARO.pdf

This herbal tea will cast a spell on you with its tropical

spices and its subtle orange and licorice flavours.


Ginger-Lemon Organic Herbal Tea en_J-TGIN.pdf

This herbal tea with the spicy flavour of ginger and

lemon will warm you on cold winter days. It may also

ease cold symptoms.  

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